• Green renewable energy is the path to a sustainable future

Interactive Clean Energy Financial Tool ICEFin An automated tool for anyone who needs help with the calculations required for renewable energy financing of electricity production.

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What We Do

PROSPECT RENEWABLES is a technology-enabled provider of consumer financing for residential solar and home efficiency improvements.
Prospect Renewables Inc platform makes the sales process more efficient and improves salesforce productivity.

Our Mission

PROSPECT RENEWABLES’ mission is to enable mass-market adoption of solar by providing an end-to-end solution that integrates software and financing into the sales process.

Our Vision

PROSPECT RENEWABLES' vision is to be recognized as one of world’s most innovative, respected, reliable, and affordable solution providers for renewable energy financing.

Many Options in One Platform

We work with solar and energy efficiency contractors. We offer the broadest range of energy efficiency and solar financing on a single, easy-to-use software platform. ICEFIN software helps you sell and quote multiple financing options on one platform.

We Work With Your Business

  • Expand your market
    Sell to more people with a wide variety of finance products.
  • Do what you do best
    We manage billing so you can concentrate on expanding your business.
  • Streamline the process
    Easy milestones ensure you get paid quickly and the project gets completed on time.
  • Get robust support
    Access a customized resource portal and support team.
  • Scale and grow
    Value-added services can help you grow volume and scale, and manage your cash flow.
  • Sell faster
    Our ICEFin platform lets you close deals quickly with a single, secure credit and title check on mobile devices.


Join our growing network of partners — help us make clean energy and sustainable home improvements available to more homeowners than ever before.

Homeowners: We Have a Better Way to Finance

No matter how you want to finance a residential solar system or energy efficiency improvements in your home, we have a product to offer. All products have an option for no upfront costs. Products are available via our ICEFIN software platform. It guides contractors seamlessly from sale through installation, and makes it easy for homeowners to understand the proposal.

Consulting Services

We Have a Better Way to Finance

  • 562-295-6558 provides users with detailed financial analysis and decision making tools to conduct cost-benefit and break-even analyses and assess feasibility of projects involving the installation and operation of a renewable energy based electricity production system.

Our Partners