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Registered with the "National Cockatiel Society" *{NCS~09W}
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Baby Cockatiels are HERE!

Ready for YOU!
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Cockatiel Babies are Weaned
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Minnow is Missing !!

Band ID# NCS 07 09W 002
$$ Reward Offered $$
Please Contact Us if you
found him...

~ 2010 ~
"Companion" Cockatiels
Huggable & Lovable & Kissable
(520) 879-0439
Normal Gray Males & Females
Split to Whiteface & Lutino
Male & Female Cinnamon Cockatiesl
Huggable Cinnamon's

Lovable Lutinos
~  Everyone is Special  ~

~ Specializing in Companion Birds ~
Beautiful ~ Loving & "Extremely" Tame
Companion Cockatiels Now AVAILABLE

We Only have a few sweet, huggable, lovable
& Kissable Companion Cockatiels left!

"Contact us for Details"

 Our Cockatiels want to be
Hugged ~ Loved ~ Kissed ~ Squeezed
"Because they are"

~ Raised with Love to be Loved ~

~ Raised with Love to be Loved ~
We take pride in the time we spend with our babies. Our goal is to prepare our little wonders for a life of companionship & friendship. The loving affection we share with our babies influences their personalities for a lifetime, this is why they want to be hugged, loved, kissed, and squeezed.

~ Local Pick Up Only ~
Shipping is not an Option!

~ Adult Cockatiels for Sale ~
Cockatiels for Sale
Adults, Male & Female's Ready for Breeding

~ Special Birds for Special Needs People ~
You don't have to be alone anymore!
Contact me for help

I can offer affection,
but I need your attention!
I'll sit on your shoulder,
but you need to hold me closer!

I can learn to speak,
if you to talk to me!
I can say "Pretty Bird" and "Hello",
if you can say "I Love You Too"!

Adoption & Rescue Program
Rescued Cockatiels are healthy & happy
Some are still tame, but others will never be the same...
Click Here for More Information

Abuse affects all forms of life

~ My name is Peep's ~

2012 Breeding Season
Has Just Started!
We will have
Babies Budgie Soon!
I Look Just Like My Dad!
5th Generation Handfed Budgies

Budgie Babies
Coming Soon!
Reserve your Budgie Today!

Baby Budgies for Sale

Baby Budgies for Sale

~ All our Handfed Budgies are ~
* Handled & Loved Daily
* Clipped Wings
* Cage Trained
* Fed a Seed and Pellet Diet
* Fed Fresh {Garden} Greens
* Fed Sprouted Seeds Daily

Simply Gorgeous
(850) 359-1534
Delightful Company

Beautiful Albino
Looks Just Like Dad!  Hatched  5/17/09
a Joy to hold
I Look Just Like My MOM!

Huggable Cockatiels
~ Local Pick Up Only ~
"Shipping is not an Option"
Lovable Parakeets

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