Starting Anew: Dating and Remarriage After Divorce | S2 E11

The last few “couple’s episodes” we did, had a lot of great feedback. One of the things that a number of people asked us to talk about was dating and remarriage after divorce. So we are…

We came up with a few points to remember:

1. Figure Out You.

This is you taking the time to deal with your feelings, resolving your hurt and finding the you that you are or want to be. This is a great time for realizing important things about yourself or to reinvent yourself.

2. Know Who You Want.

After you discover yourself, take time to figure out what you want in a partner. This is a great opportunity to wrestle with really deep questions and desires about what a healthy relationship looks like and what you expect from and in a healthy relationship. This is a perfect time to make a list of those expectations (and it’s okay to be picky).

3. Give Your List Grace.

After you make a list, go back over it and be realistic about what you put on there. Then, have grace for it. You might get lucky and find someone who meets the whole list. But, likely you won’t. But that shouldn’t be a game changer. If there are one or two items they don’t meet, decide how important those items are.

4. Be Intentional with Your Time.

When you do start dating, be intentional with how you spend your time. Specifically, if early in the relationship it becomes evident that it isn’t something you want, it’s okay to end it. But, if it becomes obvious you’re moving toward a long-term relationship, or marriage, be intentional about learning each other and investing in that relationship.

5. Remember that Remarriage is Going to be Hard.

No matter how well you do that other stuff, getting married (or remarried) changes the whole dynamic. You are going to bring in baggage and it is likely going to be difficult. If you go in understanding that, you’re more likely to stay and fight. This is not you having a dreadful view of marriage, but is instead accepting the reality that relationships take actual work and that you are both likely bringing baggage to the party.

In the end, we want others to be encouraged and know that building a healthy, God-honoring marriage is possible, even after divorce.


Social Media

In this episode we invited our wives, Sarah and Angy, back on to discuss raising kids with social media. Between us we have 10 kids, most of which are Thomas and Angy’s (they win). The point of this is to talk through the increasing challenge of raising kids in a social media driven age.

Social Media Experts

… we are not. So, with that in mind, we know how we’ve had to deal with social media for 10 kids. Because of that, we recognize our limited scope of wisdom and would greatly appreciate any input. So share away… PLEASE. But first, watch (or listen) to the episode.


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This Outrageous Culture | S2E8


In this week’s episode were going to be outrageous. Well, we’re going to talk about outrageous stuff. Well, we’re going to talk our outrage culture. More specifically, we’re talking about this prevalent culture of outrage over… everything and anything.

That’s Outrageous

So what do you find outrageous? Or, do you find anything outrageous? Can you scroll through social media and be okay? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this current cultural phenomenon.


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Church Counseling

Our Wives are Back

In this episode we invited our wives to join us. This is the first time that all four of us have been in an episode together. For this episode we’re discussing mental health and counseling in the Church and Christianity.

The episode was really supposed to be about the difference between counseling and biblical counsel, but it’s a far deeper issue than just that and needs to be talked about more. We’d love to hear what you think.

We opened the episode with joking with our wives about submission and mentioned umbrella theology. We figured we should provide a link that explain our stance on it.

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in vitro

Recap last week

In last week’s episode, we introduced our guest Heather and talked about what it was like to be single and live in church culture for so long. We also introduced the process of in vitro fertilization.

Their Process

This week, Heather shares her journey through the process. She also shares some vulnerable moments with her and her husband’s experience with people in The Church. Then we wrap it up with sharing some facts and dispelling some myths about IVF.



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Understanding In Vitro with Heather Goodman, Pt 1 | S2 E5

in vitro

In episode 1, of a two part series, we welcome our guest Heather Goodman. She brings a unique perspective about singleness in the church and helps us understand the truth of in vitro fertilization.

Single First

In this episode we’ll talk specifically on being single for so long and how that looks inside the church.


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The Secular Divine Divide | S2 E3


Is there a culture war? What is the secular-divine divide? Should there be a divide between the secular and the divine? Join the conversation as we talk through why this may be a dangerous thing.

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