We're happy to announce the release of Hlor Addon for ASIC Antminer S9 with enabled LPM (Low Power Mode a.k.a. AsicBoost).
Keep in mind that all your earned Hlor will be exchanged for ERC-20 tokens in January 2019. Later, Hlor Tokens on Ethereum will be converted to native Hlor Coins on the Hlor Blockchain.

Total Hlor

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18.95% decrease from last week

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Live Hlor

Calibration coefficients

Coin Net Hashrate Coefficient
To equalize all miners - key adjustments must be implemented. The idea behind our calibration formula is to nominate 1H production of most efficient mining as 1 Hloride and introduce calibration coefficients for others to ensure more or less fair Hlor distribution.

Hlor mining

Height Age Coin Hashes HLOR Miner Worker Region