Children can be saved too...


Children can be saved too is a collection of Bible stories that illustrates God’s great truth at different age levels.   The books
were written to provide a foundation of Biblical knowledge that motivates, inspires and equips children to better
understand the word of God.  Each book is loaded with colorful pictures connecting children with people, places and events from Creation, Adam & Eve and their sin in the garden, the sacrifices of lambs and the story of Jesus. The stories are communicated in such a way that the learner quickly grasps the message God has for His people.  It gives a clear direction to children about salvation, being born again and how to go to heaven.  Chapters conclude with fun and engaging activities for each stage of development.  This collection is a great tool for parents, family, friends and educators of children.


I’m writing to express my gratitude for the excellent teaching that my grandchild was given during her ten week new membership class many years ago.  As a Bible study teacher for over 30 years, I always made it a point to ask my grandchildren what they are learning at church. READ MORE7249604161

My daughter never knew much about Jesus. One Sunday morning during worship service, she heard that Jesus could save her.  At the end of the service she joined church. READ MORE