Juan Pecina

Dallas, TX (469) 441-4863 · juanpecina21@gmail.com

I'm a Dallas based developer looking for new and exciting technologies to work with. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to build an awesome product together.


(519) 409-7136
Team Developed Story Sharing Platform

  • Cloned the styling,layout,and content posting Functionalities of medium.com
  • Implemented Firebase to provide user uploaded images
  • Stored HTML-based posts in a database to be parsed in the future
Personally developed E-Commerce application
React|Redux|Node|Express|SQL|Amazon S3

  • Incorporated Stripe API to handle monetary transactions securely
  • Built a Node/Express server using Massive to connect to a PostgresSQL database
  • Used Auth0 API to securely authenticate users and protect sensitive information


Personally Developed Mobile Application
React Native|Node|Express

  • Consumed the Newsapi.org API to provide user relevant content
  • Built multiple reusable components in order to keep code DRY
  • Used design principles in order to provide an intuitive UX


Web Development Full-Immersive Bootcamp

DevMountain-Dallas, Texas
April 2018


Programming Languages & Tools