A look back….

I don’t do it as often as I should.  I realize that.  Life is busy.  But on days like today, where I have a few minutes to actually enjoy my kids and see how big they’ve gotten it is a fun look back to see where they came from, and a fun look forward to see what lies ahead of them.

Today ends another school year.  Ethan has finished kindergarten.  He’ll be six on Wednesday.  What a year.  Lucas has just finished second grade.  He’ll be eight on Tuesday.  What great kids we are raising.

At this point Lucas wants to be an archeologist and Ethan wants to be a  teacher.  He says because of recess.  We’ll see where we are in the fall.

Oh yeah..down to 220.

Guys day out…

The boys are starting spring break this week.  On Wednesday they get the privilege of going with me to the dentist and then to register my car.  Lucky ducks.  So to start off right, while Katie was off seeing Hamilton with her folks, we went to play mini golf.  After that we helped Uncle Jon unload the last of his stuff from his house into a storage unit.  We know how to party.

Yes she got to see it and she loved it.  Just fantastic were her words.  I’m not one for musical theater and the boys can’t sit still to make it worth it yet.  I’m glad she loved it.


And so it begins…..keeps me accountable(ish)

So for the last almost a year it has been very hard to get to the gym.  Work has been crazy and all the moving and stuff.  Add to that I’ve been eating like shit and drinking probably too much.  These aren’t excuses.  I take full responsibility for the shape that I’m in now.

Well enough is enough.  Katie and I are starting today, eating correctly, working out, and making sure that my drink count is normal.  These posts, assuming I keep writing them are to keep me accountable.

As of today I’m 226.2lbs.