Introducing Jam Session

Empowering Collaborative Innovation

Jam Session empowers entrepreneurial teams to collaborate more efficiently to deliver their vision... then share the fruits of success in the most equitable way possible.

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Leverage the Power of Open Equity™

Our exclusive, patent--pending Open Equity™ model allows venture teams to share equity in a dynamic way, linking compensation to contribution with powerful results.

  • Collaborate toward project goals and allocate returns more efficiently.
  • Bootstrap your project without forming an entity to save time and money.
  • Get more out of limited operating capital.
  • Plug‐in key resources as they are needed.
  • Work for sweat equity with less anxiety about being compensated.

The Ultimate Venture Toolkit

Jam Session provides immediate benefits to lean-­minded start-­ups including a FREE set of lean project management tools and your choice of a ready‐made equity compensation plan, to get your venture project started quickly and confidently ...with lower costs.

Document Intellectual Property

Document the evolution of your ideas and development of intellectual property in real time.

Acquire And Allocate Key Resources

Organize your team and acquire capital with less inertia by striking agreements with more speed and transparency.

Execute Your Projects Against Milestones

Leverage our no frills, lean project managment tools to efficiently marshal your resources toward common goals.

Manage Capital & Compensation

Set-up and administer compensation for your team while tracking how overall contribution to value creation.


Join the Open Venture™ Movement

OpenSource changed the way software was created. Jam Session wants to do the same for any start-up or innovation initiative by making participation more flexible and rewarding to those that make it happen.

Jam Session was founded by leveraging the power of the crowd like Open Source - but in a profit seeking context - using our proprietary Open Equity™ model.

Jam Session is a pluggable platform that enables others to contribute to the core product solution or collaborate on extensions while sharing in the returns - that’s the Open Venture™ way.

Use Open Equity™ in your venture to make the most out of your resources, become more flexible and harness power of your network to challenge the competition.

It's easy to get Jammin' - Just Click... Connect... and Create.