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Why ChefTeck?

ChefTeck is an app that brings your menu into the palm of your cooks' hands. Through our customized technology, we give you the capability to break down your menu so that your chefs see how each and every item is made, the ingredients to create the item, and exactly how it should look when done!

After you've picked out a subscription option that works best for your needs, you begin to customize your admin page. You import your menu (or we can do it for a small fee), display your brand with your unique processes, images, videos, and offerings, and, then, watch as your information is converted directly into our app on your iPad! Once there, your chefs are able to quickly and conveniently access any item on your menu and see exactly how it should be prepared from start to finish! With just one click, your constant headaches are solved permanently. It's that easy.

Instantly, you will be able to experience seamless consistency between all cooks, regardless of how long they've been under your employment. Food costs will plummet as a result of menu items being made correctly each and every order. Payroll costs will drastically decrease as new hires are now completely self-sufficient. The outdated mentality that training new employees requires a seasoned staff member guiding them is now obsolete. And, finally, the productivity you'll gain from each cook without that extensive training period will be astounding. Watch as the ChefTeck kitchen revolution takes shape within your restaurant!

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