About Us

  • We are Experienced in Domestic and International Operations

  • Our Pilots are all Airline Transport Pilots and Certificated Flight Instructors

  • We Manage and Fly Corporate Jets, Turbo Props, and Twin Engine Piston Aircraft

Chaplin Aviation Management in Cocoa Beach, Florida has extensive experience in managing and flying aircraft both domestically and internationally. 

We are also highly experienced in flying to and from all areas of the Bahamas, British West Indies, the Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands and Mexico.

Our Mission: Safety First - Always

We Manage and Fly Corporate Aircraft

Call Us: 321-427-1455

(479) 455-2865We Provide Pilot Record Information Act of 1996 Services to FAR Part 135 and 121 Operators
(805) 708-6950We provide Flight Instruction in Corporate Jets, Turbo Props, and Twin Engine Piston Airplanes
662-468-7646We provide Aviation Expert Services and Testimony regarding Aircraft Accidents and Incidents

Chaplin Aviation management, INC.

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