12 steps of Surya Namaskar for a strong mind and body
Surya Namaskar for a strong mind and body

Having a strong Body

We acknowledge the fact that our body is an intelligent machine. It has tremendous capacities to tolerate our abuses and still continue to function with utmost precision. It is also programmed to remove bugs, fight viruses and heal itself. It also warns us well in advance of any error, giving us a chance to nip it in the bud. Alas, only if we could listen!

We sync our cell phone data to our laptop, our fitness tracker to our mobile app, our pictures to the cloud and everything that we feel we cannot live without. Now, how about syncing our internal mechanism as well. Let’s delve on this a little more…


Why do healthy people get cancer?

A common refrain I hear nowadays is “Oh how healthy she/he was and she got cancer”. Well, it is common knowledge that one should follow a healthy lifestyle in order to keep diseases at bay. However, that’s no guarantee for a disease-free life. Increasingly we are hearing of very fit and healthy people falling victims to heart-attack or cancer at a young age. So what are we missing here?

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