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Stay safe this weekend – here are some tips from Utica to help you protect your agency.


A message from Utica for our E&O clients

With the storm bearing down and the declaration of a Hurricane Watch by the National Hurricane Center at 11am today, I am putting in place limitations on authorizing and binding which are effective immediately and will remain in effect for 24 hours after the storm warnings have been rescinded and 72 hours after the actual hurricane. When these times have expired, in areas affected by the storm, we will notify you, in writing of our binding & quoting position. This will likely include post-storm underwriting conditions.

This authorization limitation includes requests for limits increases on in-force policies & other endorsement requests. Each request will be considered but it will be subject to review. Subject to normal underwriting, renewals (other than the limits increase and endorsement items noted) will not be impacted.

If you have any questions please let me or your underwriter know.

We did send the following message to all policyholders in your states who are registered at Customer Care, the message included in the link below on pre-cautions they can take.


Be safe!

Mark Angelucci, CPCU, ARM
Errors & Omissions Business Segment Officer

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