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School Children

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Help provide education to some of the most at-risk kids in Cite Soleil.

Who We Are

AJPAE (Association des Jeunes Progressistes pour l'Avenir des Enfants) is an initiative started by young women and men who come from different neighborhoods in Haiti and are conscious of the difficult social situations that the majority of the people face, especially the children.


This idea comes after several findings, such as the inability of the Haitian government to ensure basic social services for the disadvantaged children, and the lack of willingness to provide assistance to those in need. It was with those issues in mind and urgency to do something, that the founders established this project aimed at helping children in difficult situations in order to help them develop their capabilities and talents.


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What We Do

AJPAE's activities are carried out under 4 pillar programs:


We aim support parents by providing children with meals during workshops...

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We teach children the importance of social responsibilities, and to pay respect to...

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We help nurture the children's talents and their creative imagination...

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We provide children with the tools needed so they may become agents of change...

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Get involved and support our work in your preferred way.


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